About 1 Giant Mind™

1 Giant Mind is dedicated to delivering its 'Learn to Meditate' programs through its free smartphone app and other education programs.


Our mission is to inspire millions of people around the world to take up meditation as a daily practice and live more fulfilling lives, free from the negative impact of stress.


Our vision is a world where meditation is as commonplace as brushing your teeth, and mainstream culture supports personal growth and wellbeing as a social responsibility.

Why Meditation?

Stress is a part of human life, but the high levels of stress, stress-related mental illness and lifestyle disease that we are seeing today are abnormal by historical standards.

It wasn't too long ago that simple things like brushing our teeth and basic personal hygiene were not part of our daily lives. It's difficult to imagine these not being widely adopted habits. It wasn't until evidence-based reasoning enabled us to understand that the absence of these good habits were causing profound health issues. When a critical mass adopted these simple daily habits we witnessed a quantum leap in health around the world.

Today we stand at the precipice of an opportunity to take yet another quantum leap into a realm of greater mental health and wellbeing. This will again profoundly change the quality of our lives.

There is a large body of scientific evidence that demonstrates how meditation reduces the negative impact of stress and promotes a wide range of benefits for better health and wellbeing.

A daily practice of meditation enables us to recover from the negative impact of stress. It helps establish deeper and more meaningful connections to ourselves and others, giving rise to a more fulfilling life.


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