1 Giant Mind mass meditation at Lightning in a Bottle festival

1 Giant Mind | May 26 2012


The DoLab guys reached out to 1 Giant Mind after seeing our promo video and asked if we would facilitate a mass meditation experience at their annual ‘Lightning in a Bottle Festival’ in Silverado, just south of L.A.

The invite came only a couple of weeks before the event and we weren’t sure how many people we’d get to the main stage without a bit of pre-promotion. The DoLab guys blasted our video quite hard in the last week leading up to the event. It was our intention to hit the festival circuit in early 2013, so we figured this would be an awesome trial.

We were the opening act on the main stage for the last day. We arrived at 11am for a 12.15pm start and the main stage arena was a ghost town. Most of the festival goers were camping for the event and being the last day, we didn’t have huge expectations of many lifting their weary heads for a meditation.

At 12pm we wandered out onto the main stage and it was still pretty empty. Like 25-30 people empty. Light Watkins and I agreed that it was quite funny, considering that I flew in from Australia for the event.

Having resolved ourselves to an intimate audience in a not so intimate setting, we sat on the end of the stage and waited.

And like the breaking of the damn walls, at 12.10pm people started to pour into the arena. Like a flood. We found this spectacle even funnier.

We sat and watched the people stream in for about 15 minutes from all directions. 

By 12.30pm we got started ready to give them a 45 minute 1 Giant Mind experience. We introduced ourselves and the 1 Giant Mind vision and mission. To our surprise the crowd broke out into cheers and applause… We had a very receptive audience!

After a short overview of what 1 Giant Mind was setting out to achieve, I introduced Light to gracefully guide the group into a deep meditation. With help from our friend Hans, our sound scape harmonizer on 33 sound bowls, the 3000 strong group fell into the deep like a stone into a pond.

The 20 minute meditation seemed to pass swiftly amidst the palpable waves of what can only be described as bliss, that permeated from the group.

At the 20 minute mark, the group were guided through a process of directing the powerful effect that was felt in the space, outward into the world. There was a tangible sense of connectedness and an exponential increase of bliss as the groups attention expanded across the globe.

We swiftly wrapped things as Dr. Michael Beckwith took the stage and got his groove on.

We hung around at the festival all day (which was awesome by the way) and the feedback we received from the those who participated was over whelming, particularly from those who had never meditated before.

If you haven’t experienced the power of meditation yet, download our Learn to Meditate App and get started right away. Stay tuned for more events and come join us for our next mass group meditation.