Renowned physicist joins 1 Giant Mind

1 Giant Mind | November 10 2012


Jonni Pollard recently spent 3 days in the lab with acclaimed Russian bio-field physicist Dr. Korotkov, to devise 1 Giant Mind’s research program for 2013. 

Dr Korotkov has invented a groundbreaking ‘Sputnik Sensor’ device, which is able to measure the atmosphere of the earth and subtle shifts that occur. 

Jonni witnessed first hand how the device works, as they conducted an experiment in the lab with Jonni sitting in meditation. Through the device, they observed a significant shift in the atmosphere as a result of just one persons meditative state. A fascinating result. 

There are many wonderful experiments and possibilities in our partnership with this great Doctor from the beautiful city of St Petersburg. We are excited to be working with him in furthering his research and inventions!

Hear Dr Korotkov talk about his technology and the work we have ahead of us on his website.