Surfing and meditation in India!

1 Giant Mind | September 20 2013


1 Giant mind put on a group meditation at the annual Covelong Point Classic Surf Competition in Chennai, India.

If you don’t think the words India and Surf Comp belong in the same sentence then you haven’t heard about this little surfing point about an hours drive south of Chennai. 1 Giant Mind was invited to the Covelong Point Classic Surf Comp where surfers along the Indian coastline all came to compete, hangout and have a good time. The waves were small but the young surfers were extremely talented and it was great to watch the show, hang out in the community and enjoy the workshops.

There was incredible south Indian food and chai, morning and afternoon yoga sessions and at night the stage was electric with local bands and entertainment.

On the last morning, 1 Giant Mind was asked to facilitate a group meditation. If you are yet to experience the spectacle that is India, let’s just say that silence is hard to come by. Noise from the stage’s sound-check, kids skating on a mock-up skate ramp and the loud-speakers (at highly offensive levels) all contributed to what you would think would be a less then conducive meditation environment. But being India, consciousness was flowing steadily and everyone was able to take a dive.

The noise outside became a metaphor for the noise within. Our minds are constantly bombarded with repetitive thoughts – noise from all sides, no coherency and at times so completely overwhelming you just want to give up. All it takes is a simple technique and the intention to go within, surrendering to the present moment conditions. Doing this, you will begin to notice that there is space between the noise. Tap into that space, flow between silence and thoughts, and you’ll begin to experience the beautiful dance that is meditation.