Global Meditation for Peace with Deepak Chopra

1 Giant Mind | July 21 2014


Harness the Power of Collective Intention for Peace. 1 Giant Mind in partnership with Deepak Chopra and Unify invite you to be a part of this historic event as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest online group meditation in history. Deepak will be leading the mediation and will be joined by Indie Arie and Gabrielle Bernstein in this live broadcast from Toronto to set a global intention for world peace.

Studies have shown that setting an intention brings you tangibly closer to your goal. What would happen if we brought together a critical mass to set the shared intention for peace—within ourselves, and around the world? We need your help to find out!

To be a part of this historical event, all you need to do is register at and join us in meditation on the day. Share the event with #iampeace and get your friends involved.

August 8 2014 12pm EST (USA)

August 9 2014 2am AEST (Australia)

If you want to learn to meditate before the event, download our app and get started right away!