What is flow and how to get it

1 Giant Mind | December 1 2014


“Our natural state of being is to be self-aware, always evolving, adaptable, creative, dynamic, compassionate and generous. Stress stops us from experiencing this. We meditate to dissolve stress, reveal our natural state of being and live it in the world.”

Flow is the experience of living life, connected to your natural state of being in the present moment. When you’re in flow, you feel deeply connected to who you are, why you are here and what to do next. When you are fully expressing your deepest desires in flow, worries and concerns about the future and preoccupations with the past dissolve. Clarity dawns in the present moment about what needs to happen right now to sustain flow. The ability to take life as it comes becomes easier, meeting each moment with an open heart and mind, fully engaged. Living in flow is the awareness that you are an ever-evolving being. Your life is yours to create and express, as you desire.

1 Giant Mind defines our ‘natural state of being’ with the following 7 qualities.

Always evolving

The thing that blocks flow and prevents us from experiencing our natural state of being is stress.

Daily meditation dissolves stress and enables you to experience your natural state of being more of the time, giving rise to flow. The more you realise and put your attention on the experience of flow, the more it grows. The more it grows, the more your realise it. It’s like a self-feeding cycle of expansion and growth.

The key to having this experience is a regular meditation practice and making it a priority to connect with yourself.

Living in flow is natural. Living in stress is not. Meditate to dissolve stress, reveal your natural state of being and live it in the world.