10 things a girl can't resist

Jonni Pollard | April 6 2015


The modern woman is a complex creature, riddled with alluring paradoxes. In these crazy times, winning her affection takes a combination of sophisticated qualities, that as far as I’m concerned, should be sharpened by every guy, regardless of whether you are in the market for a companion or not.

Below is a winning combination…however be warned, you cannot fake it till you make with this. These qualities need to be cultivated. You are going to need something a little deeper than feeling lonely or horny to inspire you to truly embody these qualities. It’s all about being real, honest and sincerely able to put her first.

10. Kindness 

This is not so much to about being kind to her but more of a quality she loves to see in you, being kind towards the world. Avoid slander and talking shit about other people. Go out of your way to be helpful whenever the opportunity arises. This creates confidence in her that you’re capable of putting someone else’s needs before you own. 

9. Romance

Let her know that you really like her with small gestures. It doesn’t need to a bunch of red roses. Be spontaneous and pick a cute little flower and give it to her, insist on a going for walks and ask questions about things she loves to talk about. Knowing that when she feels listened to, the love flows.

8. Attention

Shower her with your attention whenever you’re with her. Be sincere, challenge her thoughts and ideas sometimes to create a discussion but don’t be augmentative. She loves to be engaged in things that mean a lot to her. If you have a different point of view, unless it’s a deal breaker, don’t harp on it. Connect on things you have in common. Pay close attention to what she likes, seek out opportunities to deliver on it.

7. Generosity 

Wherever possible, be generous. Pay when you can if it doesn’t offend her, offer your last chip, chocolate or sip and offer her priority on every occasion. This one is huge. 

6. Unpredictability

As soon as she thinks she’s got you worked out, mix it up. Offer to do something she would expect you to. Even if you don’t like something, here’s an opportunity to be generous with your time and practice surrendering your preference for hers. Unpredictability creates excitement and intrigue.

5. Adventure

I’m not talking about taking her mountain climbing, but definitely something that is more than a movie and dinner or a band and pub. Get a sense of her limits and then push them a little. She will feel like she is experiencing new things with you that she wouldn’t normally and it’ll make you closer.

4. Affection

By now, if you’ve followed me since tip 10, you would definitely be at first base (at least.) Without smothering her, little acts of affection outside of romantic sexy time are really important. Gentle stroking of the back of her neck, her wrist, little glances when you feel the sweetness of love bubbling up and random unannounced soft kisses on her cheek. You’ll melt her. Let her know the things you find adorable about her. We all need to be reminded of this from time to time.

3. Strength in vulnerability

This one is huge. Believe it not, woman feel safer when you are able to admit your vulnerability. This demonstrates that you are in touch, self aware, and despite having doubts and insecurities about things in life you are able to share them openly.

2. Authenticity

Be yourself and no one else. There is no sweeter scent than someone, despite all their shortcomings, fully and unapologetically being themselves. This one is easier said than done and it’s gonna take a little self reflection to confront the parts of yourself you aren’t that cool with and own them and love them.  Master this one and you are a going to be irresistible.

1. Humour

I think this one is probably the most important. All women will tell you that the sexiest thing about a man is his sense of humour. Be warned again though. Humour isn’t about taking the piss out of other people, it’s the ability to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously. When you can demonstrate that you don’t judge yourself harshly, she will feel safe knowing that you probably wont be judging her either.

Like I said, these qualities need be cultivated and the only way to do this is to know yourself. Develop a meaningful relationship with you and witness yourself become a magnetic being of attraction.